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Conditions of Use

   Conditions Of Use:           

We do not like many rules as often it is just matter of 'good sense', anyway lets add few lines as reminder :)

* The customer is responsible for providing the right address, in case of wrong one (and parcel delivered back), we have to charge the shipping cost for a new delivery. Thanks for understanding.

* Our seeds can be sent out from the UK or Italy, depending in the availability. Please allow the proper time to arrive, thank you.

*International (out of the EU) shipping 
are under the Customers responsability that has to check if seeds are allowed in their Country.
  Some Nations have strictly rules and are very severe about seeds and they do change pretty often.
  We are not responsible if the seeds are confiscated or destroyed and we do not refund nor re-send.


* We aim to ship all the order in 48 hours.
   But as we are only 2 people doing all the job, and counting and packing the seeds for each order, it may take a bit longer during the pick season.

*In the very rare case of delay or missing parcel please allow 14 days before contacting us, which is what RM and Poste Italiane ask for, before starting the investigation. If lost we will resend at our expenses, this is our warrancy


*Need to return an item? All the returns will be considered in reasonable grounds ( ex: postal delays is not our responsibility) and, once accepted, we do not refund the order shipping nor the customer stamps to send the parcel back to us.

* The recorded parcel, in the rare event gets lost, will be resent at our expenses.

* All the seeds, from the field until they enter in your packet, are handled by people.
  We put all our effort in finding the right source but, as we are all humans, it may happens ( never  happened and always hoping won't ) that a different kind of seeds is packeted under a different  name, in one of the several passages the seeds do.
  We are sorry about that in advance (no damages, economical of any sort, can be asked for that)

*The seeds we distribute are alive and with very high germination rate, Defra or Mosa verified.
  Are the same we use in our gardens.
  We are not responsible for the germination rate that will be obtained after the sowing as we cannot control which kind of enviroment has been provided ( temperature, watering, light, season, etc)

*The invoice comes with the 'instructions', they have to be kept as reference: always consider where you live and when the real 'Spring' starts in your place, which may vary a lot, thank you.

* Have fun, have fun, have fun!!!