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We love vegetables and gardening, as you do. 

With this in mind, this website was born from an idea:
looking for rare, heritage seeds, trying to save heirloom varieties that are easily going to be lost forever, so you can try new tastes, explore new colours and shapes and giving a longer life to what is in danger.



We also distyribuite the seeds by number, so that you can buy exactly what you need and save money, and enjoy your gardening more.
And with the concept of  being 'seed savers', searching and finding rare seeds, trying to preserve what is on high risk to be lost forever, giving you the chance to grow them in your own garden!



 Big Garden?
Small one?
We fit it! 

Most of our seeds are sourced locally, especially in Italy (where we go often),
as we know the farmers and the quality of the seeds and the excellent germination rate.

All the seeds we sell are carefully selected, starting from the farmer until  storage.
We DO NOT buy (so we DO NOT SELL)  GMO / OGM, as well as we do not sell seeds coming from pre-branded packets!

              We try our best to provide you Heirloom seeds, seeds that are our heritage, the good old taste, seeds that are risking to be lost forever because the people don't make the seeds anymore but buy packets.
             This is what we do: we search people who grow the tasty veg we grew up with, generally veg lovers or small farms and we get the best they have to offer because the real seeds are a celebration of life!

But we also offer newest varieties for who wants to keep growing the seeds that already know.

Flat Rate Shipping also outside the UK: contact us!