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Courgette Zucchini Tondo di Nizza


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10 seeds.

Despite of the name, it is not French ( Nizza is the Italian name we call Nice) but an Heirloom Italian variety.

Green spherical courgettes have a wonderful flavour and grow on a pan that is very productive.

Pick young to enjoy the best: harvest when they are a bit smaller than tennis ball size.  

Great for cooking in all the way ... stuffing, slicing, grilled or fried... you name it!

Thin Skin !

  1.          . For an early start  place a single seed 1 cm deep in seed compost in a 9 cm pot. Ideally not before end of March/ start of April  Use a propagator as they need lot of warm, better 24C day/night.  The most common reason for poor / zero germination is low soil temperature together with too much watering.


  2.    Outdoors they can be planted from end of May in warm areas. Protect the seeds as many animals (including slugs) will love the young plants.

  3.  Once grown keep moist, water around the plant not on the leaves ( to avoid virus) and feed frequently as courgettes are always 'hungry'.

  4.  Pick the courgette often so the plant will produce more and more.

  5.  Enjoy the male flowers (the one that won't grow a courgettes, they have long stem) fry them in a 'tempura': just this worth to have this plant in your garden!

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