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Watermelon Regina Dixie ( Old History )


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10 seeds.

Contest watermelons, can reach ( and beat) 100 kgs.

The winner is around 150 kgs...

Not only it becomes hugs ( wich is lots of fun for all the family, childrens included) but it is really tasty, , with a fantastic crispy red flash.

Watermelons originated in Africa, specifically Egypt. In these desert regions, wild watermelons provided a source of water if no other water was available. 
Archaeologists have found watermelon seeds everywhere from King Tut's tomb to the holds of slave ships to the ruins of ancient China, proving this melon's enduring popularity. 

Gardeners use many different methods of testing whether their watermelons are ripe, but knowing the approximate mature size of the melon helps to determine when it is nearing ripeness. 
One test is to knock on the watermelon with your knuckles, listening for a dull thump rather than a hollow ring. 
Another method is to check the underside of the melon where it rests on the ground; the skin should be a rich yellow. 
Also, the curling tendril closest to the stem of the melon often indicates ripeness when it begins to turn brown. 

Watermelons usually keep for several weeks in a cool place.

Why do not start a contest where you live?

  • Prepare soil by digging then add a big amount of well-rotted compost or farmyard manure over-winter.  Watermelons need lot of 'food'.
  • Sow April to May, watermelons need warm to germinate so please keep at 24/25C and dow 1 cm deep in a 6 cm pot. 
  • As the little plants have the' true leaves ' , transplant into 13cm pots and keep them warm.
  • After all risk of frost you can transplant in a warm  position in full sun, well protected, or for a more reliable crop under glass.
  • Water regularly and feed with a good fertilizer every 7/14 days.

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